The Return of Old Oshur

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? Maybe go back to 2003 with all your friends, and your favorite continent, “Old Oshur”. Well you’re in luck! Auraxian Scientists have stumbled upon a rare anomaly in the Galaxies which they believe will bring “Old Oshur” within reach of Auraxis for 6 hours on Saturday, July 7th PDT.

– Brewko

That’s right folks – Oshur is returning! But only for a very short time and for a limited amount of people! If you want to join in you’ll have to be quick. Head over to Brewko’s post on Planetside Universe and sign up!

There are bragging rights at stake and NC HQ expects victory! Do not let them down!


Planetside 2 Lore

Rather than continue the original storyline of Planetside, the team at Planetside 2 have instead decided to start from a fresh slate with a “reimagined” plot for the new game. Whereas Planetside’s story may have seemed rather bare and lacking, the amount of detail and history being written for Planetside 2 is quite impressive. PSU’s Wiki has a page dedicated to Planetside 2’s lore. They have also put a timeline of events together from the details we have so far.

Notable characters from Planetside 2’s lore so far include :

Tom Connery, a space-faring explorer and later Vice President and then President of the Terran Republic. Connery leads the exploration of Earth’s fleet through the worm hole.

Henry Briggs, a xenobiologist who was recruited by Connery; together they discover the first alien artifact. Briggs later becomes the first human to directly communicate with an alien species – shortly before he commits suicide.

Brent Waterson, promoted to Provisional Commander of the fleet after Connery is assassinated. Waterson is responsible for the colonisation of Auraxis and the imposition of martial law.

There are also a number of shorts written as part of the back story that focus on finer details and are well worth a read. They are (sorted chronologically where appropriate) –

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 1 – Jake Duffy, Terran Republic Quartermaster

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 2 – Sandy Jones, Vanu Sovereignty Chief of Research and Development

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 3 – Joe Walsh, New Conglomerate Master Sergeant, Searhus

Backstory: Memo: For Your Eyes Only – 28.06.2630

Backstory: Henry Briggs – Part I – 4.3.2631

Backstory: Henry Briggs – Part 2 – 12.21.2642

Backstory: Historical Archive – Thomas Connery Holovid – 18.01.2636

Backstory: Lizabeth Santiago – 10.04.2638

Backstory: Historical Archive – Thomas Connery Holovid – 14.07.2638

Historical Archive: Tom Connery – 10.23.2640

Historical Archive: Tom Connery – 03.02.2641

Terran Republic Breaking News 01.06.2642

PlanetSide 2 Briefing – Conspiracy

PlanetSide 2 Briefing – Donald Spalding Personal Log File

Beta Key Giveaway!

NC HQ is very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win a Planetside 2 Beta Key! Simply head over to the Facebook page for details! Good luck!

PSU’s July AGN Community Night

Planetside Universe is hosting July’s Auraxis Global Network Community Night on Saturday 14th July. On the show this month they will be interviewing Planetside 2’s Creative Director, Matt Higby. They will also be discussing the latest video trailer, talking about Drone Strikes and welcoming Planetside 2’s newest Dev Team member, Jimmy Whisenhunt.

They are taking your questions for Matt right now, so head over to the AGN page and get yours in there!

Times and more details are also listed on the AGN page, so take a look – it should be quite a show!

Class details – Which Will You Pick?

Brian Bosch, Level Designer runs us through the classes, vehicles, customization options and factions for Planetside 2.

Have you chosen your class yet? Do I really need to ask about your allegiance??

What vehicle are you going to spawn first? What about your paint jobs – are you thinking of going for a standard military look, or maybe something different… Zebra stripes anyone?

Do you plan on using the iOS/Andriod app to keep up with the battle whilst your at work or school or driving… OK, not while you’re driving! Bad idea!

Let us know here, on Twitter or on Facebook!

Planetside 2 Introduces Jimmy Whisenhut

New Conglomerate Intelligence has uncovered some disturbing information. During a seemingly routine interview in which Planetside 2 introduced Jimmy Whisenhut as their newest member, a crucial piece of highly sensitive material appears to have bypassed the censor filters.

The statement in question relates to Jimmy’s allegiance when he was asked:

What empire do you swear your allegiance to and why?

His answer is disturbing…

“Glory to the Republic, loyalty until death! We were the first to unify our people and will not waiver on our principals… Annnnnnd, I like the weapons.”

NC Intel has expressed concern regarding the amount of well placed Terran and Vanu leaders throughout that Planetside 2 team, but it has assured Command of the NC’s hold over power whilst influential people such as Creative Director Matt Higby, Game Designer Adam Clegg and the hard working Lancer on the Twitter feed continue to exert their authority! NC HQ thanks you for endangering yourselves by remaining in such close proximity to the enemy!

You can read the full interview with Jimmy on the Planetside 2 website. While you’re there why not sign up for beta aswell, if you haven’t already!

Now on Facebook

Greetings Soldiers! The NC Bunker can now also be found on Facebook. Take a look around and don’t forget to Like the page!

If any artists out there would like me to show off their work, I’d be very grateful for some banners and icons. Just let me know if you would like to contribute.

See you on the battlefield!!

Planetside Day

Planetside yesterday celebrated its very first “Planetside Day.” Organised largely by Planetside TV and streamed live, the event also attracted some of the Planetside 2 team to help encourage the mayhem.

The fighting (what better way to celebrate Planetside?) centred around Amerish, which had been rendered neutral by our mischievous guest developers. Some confusion surrounds the actual goal of the task with the TR claiming victory as they held the Dropship Centre after the 2 hour time limit. However, the NC can be rightly proud of its effort as it had captured the most bases on the continent and was quickly pushing the evil TR into an ever shrinking pocket of resistance. The Vanu were also involved somewhere… 😛

After a short rest, all 3 factions then gathered themselves into mighty parades of power and under a ceasefire (barely) they met and combined into massive formations. Everyone managed to hold off on the Orbital Strikes long enough for the majority of players to get involved.

If you missed it, or simply want to re-live the event check out Planetside TV’s coverage, NC Blue Lions’ coverage, the TR’s Better Red Than Dead coverage or coverage from the Vanu Sovereignty’s Ghosts of The Revolution.

Well done to everyone who took part and fought hard. And a big slap on the back for @SuperMorto (Planetside TV) @Arclegger and @mhigby for making it a fantastic event!

Terran Republic Intel Briefing

NC intel has complied the following report regarding the Terran Republic.

Anything the TR can field will be out-dated and easily destroyed. Their most advanced equipment falls far short of anything even the scavenging Vanu can deploy. Further to that, the poor standard of care taken of these decrepid war machines means that what little fighting force the TR possess spends much of its time unserviceable and waiting for repairs.

Weapons are likely to jam constantly, armor is prone to failing its user and mechanical parts are poorly made and maintained. All of this adds up to a negligible threat to the NC and it is expected that any TR force met by an equal force of NC should be defeated swiftly and efficiently.

Let us not forget that as a force of free fighters, we will ALWAYS overcome tyranny and oppression!

NC Intel has put together a short video for your entertainment.

Planetside TV Launches NEXUS

Planetside TV has launched its new NEXUS project. The sinister voice claims to be a “guide” to all-comers and challenges them to continue to battle across the fields of Auraxis.

What does this new entity want with us? NC HQ will be keeping its forces apprised of the situation as more intel is gathered by our scouts.

Make sure you join in with Planetside TV’s discussion forums!