The Roadmap To Success.

Roadmap Header

Planetside 2 recently launched Roadmap, a Reddit style forum where the community has the opportunity to affect the game’s main design focus. The Roadmap features the main design goals that the development team would like to consider for the next 6 months. The community can discuss and vote (up or down) on the features and offer their own input.

Current popular design discussions include:

Account Wide Unlocks

Spawn Room Tunnel Systems

Rendering Distance Based On threat

The New Continent of Hossin and much more.

There is nothing ground-breaking being put up for discussion and I think it is fair to say that most of the design focus from the community is fairly predictable. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is some blasé attempt by the development team to give the player base a false sense of involvement. Everything we have seen from this team is community driven, from the open door policy during beta to the constant Twitter, forum and Facebook interaction.

As Matt Higby wrote:

“Roadmap is the embodiment of a new philosophy for the development of online games and the interaction of developers and players. At it’s most basic level, Roadmap is a tool which allows the development team to expose our priorities and future plans and release schedules to our player community. This in itself is already remarkable, but the true power of roadmap comes from you, the player community. The purpose of Roadmap isn’t just to give the community INSIGHT about what we’re doing, it’s also to give the community INPUT into what we’re doing. Our goal is to develop Roadmap into a central clearing house for ideas and suggestions about the game. These ideas and suggestions will come from you, the players; you will be able to author, discuss, vote on, and ultimately see your own ideas come to fruition in the game.”

I have to admit, I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s on offer after the first 6 month block is completed!

You can take part in Roadmap here:



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