The Resource War

As many of you already know, we are struggling to secure enough resources to continue to effectively battle against both the Terran Republic  and the Vanu Sovereignty.

To ensure that we remain a significant fighting force we must secure large amounts of  natural resources that will allow us to produce everything from personal weapons and body armor to Vanguard Main Battle Tanks and Galaxy Troop Ships. These naturally occurring deposits are crucial to the continued ability of the NC to mount a serious challenge for control of this planet!

The following resources have been deemed vital by NC HQ:

  • Auraxium: It is believed that this material can be used to develop weapons.
  • Polymers: R&D believes that this material could be used to develop land based vehicles.
  • Catalysts: R&D is eager to study this material to unlock its properties.
  • Alloys: Again, R&D requires samples of this to determine how best to use it.

All of these materials are indigenous to the planet, it is imperative that we secure land that holds large deposits in order to properly extract it.

Be advised that NC Intel has recently reported that our enemies are aware of these materials and are also drawing up plans to secure them! This has become a Resource War and we must plan accordingly! Denial of resources to our enemies is just as important as securing them for ourselves!

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