Hairpocolypse 2012

There is a moment in history when Higby’s life was turned upside down. That moment was back in January when he fatefully pledged to the community that he would not cut his hair until beta. You can watch that moment from the Planetside Universe AGN right now if you want!

And so time passes, the hair grew longer and the promise was kept. The mane even seemed that to have a life of it’s own with a Twitter feed @HigbysHair !

Until the day that the rumor started to spread, like a Plasma Grenade in a crowded tower fight; everyone was getting hit with the news: Higby had a hair appointment! It was set for Thursday 12th July and it would mark the official launch of Planetside 2 Beta!

What followed can only be described as… hairy… The amount of hair that got cut that day, as what seemed like the entire Planetside 2 studio plus anyone within razor distance of the barbershop turned up was immense. That’s not to say that many people got the cut and shave they might normally have chosen.. oh no, there was no getting away from the spray on faction tattoos or the crazy haircuts that were flying out of that place!

Then it came down to the main event… after some pretty poor attempts to escape, Higby was secured in the barber’s chair. What happened next was almost too distressing to watch. 


As Total Biscuit provided a running commentary, Higby’s hair was removed lock by lock until all that remained was…



Great job by @PurrfectStorm aswell – awesome cut!

You can watch the whole thing right here!

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