Planetside 2 Intel Stash Uncovered!

NC Intel has been made aware of large deposit of Planetside 2 screenshots. This stash, which has been carefully assembled by a Vanu agent was discovered during a standard scouting sweep of regular intel sites by NC undercover agents.

The Vanu in question is SurgeonX and he can be found over on Planetside Universe. His attention to detail is quite remarkable and NC Intel has tasked a number of agents to try to turn the Vanu operative over to New Conglomerate control.

Intel has released the location of the screenshots in an effort to negate any advantage the VS may have gotten over the NC by having access to them.

Click here to view them. You may need to update/install SilverLight.

NC HQ has expressed concern that our researchers may not be keeping pace with that of our enemies. Extra incentives have been made available to our teams in an attempt to encourage more productive output.

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