Planetside 2 Internal Test Livestream

Creative Director Matt Higby tonight steamed live an internal play test of Planetside 2. The game play seemed to concentrate around the same areas we saw during E3 and featured at its peak 444 concurrent players according to John Smedley, President of SOE.

During the game we saw Matt take on the roles of Light Assault, Medic and Infiltrator. We also watched him control a Vanguard and a Lightning.

The fighting was face paced and frantic, but also included the lulls in battle that Planetside 1 players will be familiar with. Animations for the most part seem to be in place and the graphics and sound effects were very good.

Kill times also seemed reasonable, giving players a chance to react to an attack rather than dieing within 2-3 shots. The laser sight on the Light Assault rifle also seemed very accurate, negating the need for the use of sights during close quarter fighting.

I took a few screenshots during the play test. They aren’t great quality due to the resolution of the stream.

Matt stated the he is hoping to be able to livestream more play tests in the future, so make sure you’re following him on Twitter @mhigby and on TwitchTV.

Enjoy 🙂


There’s also a video up on Youtube that covers most of the Live Stream –

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