The Battle for Old Oshur

Saturday July 7th 2012. The day Oshur came back to life. In an event run by Planetside 2 Game Designer Dan Binter (@BrewkoPS), Oshur as it was before “The Bending” hosted one of the greatest battles Auraxis has ever know. So great in fact that concern over the state of the Server Hamster is high after the premature ending of the event due to server crashes and an extended 10 hour downtime.

The event started with the NC assembling at the south-eastern Warpgate. Tactics were discussed and a strategy was made. As soon as the event started the NC force moved quickly to the Technology Plant, Izha. The TR began capturing the northern bases while the Vanu inexplicably put themselves into the middle of a 3-way battle by capturing Atar, the Dropship Center.

After the initial rush for land, the battles started to heat up. The NC held Izha, Yazata and Zal. The Terrans occupied Dahaka, Hvar, Rashnu and Mithra. The Vanu were already in trouble with just Atar and Jamshid under their control.

The NC then attempted to push north against the TR by attacking Dahaka, but after a number of failed attempts it became clear that attacking the VS would prove to be more effective. The TR meanwhile had captured Jamshid, reducing the VS to a single base. Atar became the focal point for all 3 armies with the Vanu desperately trying to hold onto their base. In the end it fell to the NC to happily clear the VS off the map by capturing the Dropship Center, reducing the VS to a handful of towers.

Fierce fighting continued between the NC and the TR, but crucially the NC’s attack stalled and the TR pushed into Atar.

It was then that the server started to experience problems and eventually crashed, putting an end to the event.

The Terrans were officially declared the winner, with the NC second and the Vanu in last place. Considering the NC spent much of the first hour of the event with a 10% population deficit, NC HQ believes that all the NC fighters can be rightly proud of their efforts.

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