Planetside 2 Lore

Rather than continue the original storyline of Planetside, the team at Planetside 2 have instead decided to start from a fresh slate with a “reimagined” plot for the new game. Whereas Planetside’s story may have seemed rather bare and lacking, the amount of detail and history being written for Planetside 2 is quite impressive. PSU’s Wiki has a page dedicated to Planetside 2’s lore. They have also put a timeline of events together from the details we have so far.

Notable characters from Planetside 2’s lore so far include :

Tom Connery, a space-faring explorer and later Vice President and then President of the Terran Republic. Connery leads the exploration of Earth’s fleet through the worm hole.

Henry Briggs, a xenobiologist who was recruited by Connery; together they discover the first alien artifact. Briggs later becomes the first human to directly communicate with an alien species – shortly before he commits suicide.

Brent Waterson, promoted to Provisional Commander of the fleet after Connery is assassinated. Waterson is responsible for the colonisation of Auraxis and the imposition of martial law.

There are also a number of shorts written as part of the back story that focus on finer details and are well worth a read. They are (sorted chronologically where appropriate) –

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 1 – Jake Duffy, Terran Republic Quartermaster

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 2 – Sandy Jones, Vanu Sovereignty Chief of Research and Development

PlanetSide 2 Backstory Part 3 – Joe Walsh, New Conglomerate Master Sergeant, Searhus

Backstory: Memo: For Your Eyes Only – 28.06.2630

Backstory: Henry Briggs – Part I – 4.3.2631

Backstory: Henry Briggs – Part 2 – 12.21.2642

Backstory: Historical Archive – Thomas Connery Holovid – 18.01.2636

Backstory: Lizabeth Santiago – 10.04.2638

Backstory: Historical Archive – Thomas Connery Holovid – 14.07.2638

Historical Archive: Tom Connery – 10.23.2640

Historical Archive: Tom Connery – 03.02.2641

Terran Republic Breaking News 01.06.2642

PlanetSide 2 Briefing – Conspiracy

PlanetSide 2 Briefing – Donald Spalding Personal Log File


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