The Definitive List of E3 Awards

I don’t know about anyone else, but Planetside 2 was so successful at E3 that I totally lost count of the nominations and awards the game picked up!

Luckly for me, there is now a page dedicated to honoring this magnificent effort on the official website.

You can see it right here

But, in case you just want to know – RIGHT now! Here they are along with the click through links to the various awarding sites:



Winner Best of Show:  Game Informer

Best Shooter, Best Free to Play, and Best PC Exclusive: GameSpy

Best MMO Game and Best PC Game: IGN



Best of PC: Desctructoid

Best of PC and Best Shooter:  Machinima

Best PC Game: G4TV

Best PC Game: Ten Ton Hammer

Best of PC Exclusive and Best MMO: GamingExcellence

Best of PC Exclusive: Original-Gamer

Best MMO: GameRant

Best of E3: GamingXP


Once again – a big well done to everyone involved!



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