The Roadmap To Success.

Roadmap Header

Planetside 2 recently launched Roadmap, a Reddit style forum where the community has the opportunity to affect the game’s main design focus. The Roadmap features the main design goals that the development team would like to consider for the next 6 months. The community can discuss and vote (up or down) on the features and offer their own input.

Current popular design discussions include:

Account Wide Unlocks

Spawn Room Tunnel Systems

Rendering Distance Based On threat

The New Continent of Hossin and much more.

There is nothing ground-breaking being put up for discussion and I think it is fair to say that most of the design focus from the community is fairly predictable. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is some blasé attempt by the development team to give the player base a false sense of involvement. Everything we have seen from this team is community driven, from the open door policy during beta to the constant Twitter, forum and Facebook interaction.

As Matt Higby wrote:

“Roadmap is the embodiment of a new philosophy for the development of online games and the interaction of developers and players. At it’s most basic level, Roadmap is a tool which allows the development team to expose our priorities and future plans and release schedules to our player community. This in itself is already remarkable, but the true power of roadmap comes from you, the player community. The purpose of Roadmap isn’t just to give the community INSIGHT about what we’re doing, it’s also to give the community INPUT into what we’re doing. Our goal is to develop Roadmap into a central clearing house for ideas and suggestions about the game. These ideas and suggestions will come from you, the players; you will be able to author, discuss, vote on, and ultimately see your own ideas come to fruition in the game.”

I have to admit, I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s on offer after the first 6 month block is completed!

You can take part in Roadmap here:



WTF Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve been living under a rock then I suppose you can be forgiven for not downloading Planetside 2 yet. It’s free and it’s pretty freaking good actually.

If you’re an EU/UK player and don’t already have an SOE account then you will need to head over to Planetside 2 EU to get started. Anywhere else in the world, head over to SOE’s Planetside 2 website.

Once your in, pick your server and start turning that map blue!

While you’re waiting for the client to install, why not watch the Planetside 2 launch trailer!

Returning To Active Duty!

That’s right, The NC Bunker is back and fully operational!

Planetside 2 beta is in full swing – there is no NDA, so expect lots of information. Don’t forget that you can keep up with all the latest happenings on the Facebook page and Twitter!

There is also a Imgur album that will be regularly updated with random game-play screenshots.

The NC Bunker can also be found on Thyone EU server as TheNCB. If you kill me, send me a pic and I’ll post it up!

See you on the battlefield, soldiers!

The Resource War

As many of you already know, we are struggling to secure enough resources to continue to effectively battle against both the Terran Republic  and the Vanu Sovereignty.

To ensure that we remain a significant fighting force we must secure large amounts of  natural resources that will allow us to produce everything from personal weapons and body armor to Vanguard Main Battle Tanks and Galaxy Troop Ships. These naturally occurring deposits are crucial to the continued ability of the NC to mount a serious challenge for control of this planet!

The following resources have been deemed vital by NC HQ:

  • Auraxium: It is believed that this material can be used to develop weapons.
  • Polymers: R&D believes that this material could be used to develop land based vehicles.
  • Catalysts: R&D is eager to study this material to unlock its properties.
  • Alloys: Again, R&D requires samples of this to determine how best to use it.

All of these materials are indigenous to the planet, it is imperative that we secure land that holds large deposits in order to properly extract it.

Be advised that NC Intel has recently reported that our enemies are aware of these materials and are also drawing up plans to secure them! This has become a Resource War and we must plan accordingly! Denial of resources to our enemies is just as important as securing them for ourselves!

Hairpocolypse 2012

There is a moment in history when Higby’s life was turned upside down. That moment was back in January when he fatefully pledged to the community that he would not cut his hair until beta. You can watch that moment from the Planetside Universe AGN right now if you want!

And so time passes, the hair grew longer and the promise was kept. The mane even seemed that to have a life of it’s own with a Twitter feed @HigbysHair !

Until the day that the rumor started to spread, like a Plasma Grenade in a crowded tower fight; everyone was getting hit with the news: Higby had a hair appointment! It was set for Thursday 12th July and it would mark the official launch of Planetside 2 Beta!

What followed can only be described as… hairy… The amount of hair that got cut that day, as what seemed like the entire Planetside 2 studio plus anyone within razor distance of the barbershop turned up was immense. That’s not to say that many people got the cut and shave they might normally have chosen.. oh no, there was no getting away from the spray on faction tattoos or the crazy haircuts that were flying out of that place!

Then it came down to the main event… after some pretty poor attempts to escape, Higby was secured in the barber’s chair. What happened next was almost too distressing to watch. 


As Total Biscuit provided a running commentary, Higby’s hair was removed lock by lock until all that remained was…



Great job by @PurrfectStorm aswell – awesome cut!

You can watch the whole thing right here!

Terran Republic Propaganda

The following video was intercepted recently by NC Intel at one of their hidden listening stations. The video is a clear call to arms for the TR and we must ensure that we do not under-estimate our enemy.

Intel believes the video was made by an individual known as Nax and it is being actively distributed by PlanetsideTV and Planetside Universe.

Command believes that parts of the video may inadvertently contain tactically sensitive material and Intel is currently scouring the media for any information that may be of use.

You are instructed to aid in the search by watching the video. You will note that the video is classified as Ultra and must not be shared with anyone outside of cleared personnel.

Planetside 2 Internal Test Livestream

Creative Director Matt Higby tonight steamed live an internal play test of Planetside 2. The game play seemed to concentrate around the same areas we saw during E3 and featured at its peak 444 concurrent players according to John Smedley, President of SOE.

During the game we saw Matt take on the roles of Light Assault, Medic and Infiltrator. We also watched him control a Vanguard and a Lightning.

The fighting was face paced and frantic, but also included the lulls in battle that Planetside 1 players will be familiar with. Animations for the most part seem to be in place and the graphics and sound effects were very good.

Kill times also seemed reasonable, giving players a chance to react to an attack rather than dieing within 2-3 shots. The laser sight on the Light Assault rifle also seemed very accurate, negating the need for the use of sights during close quarter fighting.

I took a few screenshots during the play test. They aren’t great quality due to the resolution of the stream.

Matt stated the he is hoping to be able to livestream more play tests in the future, so make sure you’re following him on Twitter @mhigby and on TwitchTV.

Enjoy 🙂


There’s also a video up on Youtube that covers most of the Live Stream –

Planetside 2 Intel Stash Uncovered!

NC Intel has been made aware of large deposit of Planetside 2 screenshots. This stash, which has been carefully assembled by a Vanu agent was discovered during a standard scouting sweep of regular intel sites by NC undercover agents.

The Vanu in question is SurgeonX and he can be found over on Planetside Universe. His attention to detail is quite remarkable and NC Intel has tasked a number of agents to try to turn the Vanu operative over to New Conglomerate control.

Intel has released the location of the screenshots in an effort to negate any advantage the VS may have gotten over the NC by having access to them.

Click here to view them. You may need to update/install SilverLight.

NC HQ has expressed concern that our researchers may not be keeping pace with that of our enemies. Extra incentives have been made available to our teams in an attempt to encourage more productive output.

Just one month old and already The NC Bunker has had 400 unique views! Thank you to everyone that has visited the page and added comments. We hope you are enjoying the content and we will be doing our best to continue to bring you news and infomation about Planetside 2!

Don’t forget you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

See you on the battlefield!

The Battle for Old Oshur

Saturday July 7th 2012. The day Oshur came back to life. In an event run by Planetside 2 Game Designer Dan Binter (@BrewkoPS), Oshur as it was before “The Bending” hosted one of the greatest battles Auraxis has ever know. So great in fact that concern over the state of the Server Hamster is high after the premature ending of the event due to server crashes and an extended 10 hour downtime.

The event started with the NC assembling at the south-eastern Warpgate. Tactics were discussed and a strategy was made. As soon as the event started the NC force moved quickly to the Technology Plant, Izha. The TR began capturing the northern bases while the Vanu inexplicably put themselves into the middle of a 3-way battle by capturing Atar, the Dropship Center.

After the initial rush for land, the battles started to heat up. The NC held Izha, Yazata and Zal. The Terrans occupied Dahaka, Hvar, Rashnu and Mithra. The Vanu were already in trouble with just Atar and Jamshid under their control.

The NC then attempted to push north against the TR by attacking Dahaka, but after a number of failed attempts it became clear that attacking the VS would prove to be more effective. The TR meanwhile had captured Jamshid, reducing the VS to a single base. Atar became the focal point for all 3 armies with the Vanu desperately trying to hold onto their base. In the end it fell to the NC to happily clear the VS off the map by capturing the Dropship Center, reducing the VS to a handful of towers.

Fierce fighting continued between the NC and the TR, but crucially the NC’s attack stalled and the TR pushed into Atar.

It was then that the server started to experience problems and eventually crashed, putting an end to the event.

The Terrans were officially declared the winner, with the NC second and the Vanu in last place. Considering the NC spent much of the first hour of the event with a 10% population deficit, NC HQ believes that all the NC fighters can be rightly proud of their efforts.

Head over to Planetside Universe and join in the discussion!